There is nothing a good cup of tea won’t fix.

I graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a Joint Honours degree in Marketing and Psychology. I have a key interest in marketing, particularly social media which is quite handy these days!

I have previously worked in marketing roles and was solely responsible for the social media, planning campaigns and digital communications.

I work to deadlines well as I am a forward planner and my pet hate is being late! I am organised, enthusiastic, friendly and always try to see the positive in every situation.

  • What makes me happy: The sun
  • Favourite colour: Pastel pink
  • Around the office I am: Always with a cup of tea
  • Most used word: Okay
  • Describe myself in one word: Punctual
  • Would like to meet: Beyoncé

Key staff

Our most valuable asset. At SHINE you get to talk directly to the people who are creating your work. We take the time to craft a solid brief with you and we take the time to work through a robust process to deliver the best possible project for you. We are collectively made up of Branding Creatives, Digital Developers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Executives and an Organisational Ninja.