This Christmas night out we are not inviting my mum

I’ve worked through the various evolutionary roles of a designer. Growing, taking on new challenges, making some mistakes along the way, but also learning from them. I’m still learning every day — that’s one of the advantages of working at a creative agency like SHINE. There are always exciting projects and opportunities coming up, as well as some great clients to work with.

  • What makes me happy: The jacket of good times
  • Favourite colour: I think I’m supposed to say yellow… but it’s green
  • Around the office I am: ‘Annoyingly’ one of the older ones
  • Most used word: Jagerbombs
  • Describe myself in one word: Creative
  • Would like to meet: Paul Rand

Key staff

Our most valuable asset. At SHINE you get to talk directly to the people who are creating your work. We take the time to craft a solid brief with you and we take the time to work through a robust process to deliver the best possible project for you. We are collectively made up of Branding Creatives, Digital Developers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Executives and an Organisational Ninja.