It's gin o'clock somewhere!

    Since getting hooked on social media at the age of 15 then learning the powers of a hash tag, social media and marketing was definitely the ideal path for me. I love talking about great companies and products, and during my six years of experience in the industry I have had a fair amount of greatness to shout about! I love cars, so it’s safe to say a highlight of my career so far has been interviewing the Lanarkshire legend that is Jimmy McRae for a project I was working on #Starstruck

    Bad spelling is a pet peeve; I nit-pick at grammar and have daily internal arguments with autocorrect, so it’s safe to say that when I complete a written piece of work, it’s definitely (hopefully) to a high standard! If you know how to hyphenate correctly, we will be good friends.

    • What makes me happy: Travelling to and discovering new places
    • Favourite colour: Glitter
    • Around the office I am: The newbie/unicorn obsessed one!
    • Most used word: wee
    • Describe myself in one word: Sparkly
    • Would like to meet: The late Steve Irwin – Crikey!

    Key staff

    Our most valuable asset. At SHINE you get to talk directly to the people who are creating your work. We take the time to craft a solid brief with you and we take the time to work through a robust process to deliver the best possible project for you. We are collectively made up of Branding Creatives, Digital Developers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Executives and an Organisational Ninja.11