I’m at least 5’ 5"

    I started designing football strips and badges on the back of jotters and spare bits of paper not quite realising I was channeling my inner graphic designer at such a young age. Fast forward 15 years having graduated from University, now with over 6 years experience in the industry under my belt, I find myself back in the studio with SHINE.

    I’ve been lucky enough to work on some great projects for brands including the SPFL, Trinity Mirror Group and STV in my career so far and I’m looking forward to working with more brilliant clients – helping them tell their stories through creative and conceptual work.

    • What makes me happy: Nothing better than being able to create on a daily basis.
    • Favourite colour: It’s a toss up between green and red.
    • Around the office I am: Right now I’m the new guy!
    • Most used word: Apparently I say man quite a lot... man.
    • Describe myself in one word: Perfectionist.
    • Would like to meet: Louis Theroux, think of the stories!

    Key staff

    Our most valuable asset. At SHINE you get to talk directly to the people who are creating your work. We take the time to craft a solid brief with you and we take the time to work through a robust process to deliver the best possible project for you. We are collectively made up of Branding Creatives, Digital Developers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Executives and an Organisational Ninja.