When the stars align

Arcturus Gin ends it’s first year in a flourish with 2 nominations at the Gin Awards 2018! One for Excellence in Branding no less! To say we were chuffed to be surrounded by such big names in the industry, both in drinks and design, we are looking forward to what next year brings.

As if Gin isn’t enough already the lovely people at Liggy’s cakes put some in the butter icing of the celebration cake for Dan and Rohaise of The Torridon. Arcturus is making it’s way into some delicious items, even some Marmalade!

We have been busy working away on some marketing ideas for Arcturus 2019 and it’s shaping up to be an exciting year! So keep up to date with our Portfolio as we put the plans into action!

With the launch of a star-gazing package at The Torridon, the Gin is a wonderful addition, with local Astronomer Stephen Mackintosh hosting excursions in the surrounding highlands to explain the Sky at night and all about the star that gave the Gin its name. The fourth brightest star in the sky, a giant red star that is around 3 billion years old. Read more about the star Arcturus in a blog written by Stephen Mackintosh.

Karen Kerr

Post by Karen Kerr

After doing the ‘Art School’ thing, complete with pink hair! Yes really! I began my creative journey with two years of work ‘experience’ (read unpaid labour/invaluable knowledge). Now with more silver in my hair – my creative streak – and 10 years under my belt the rest is a long story that is best enjoyed over a pint or two.

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