When a client asked us for a meeting at the airport and to bring our passports, we definitely got a bit too excited! Turns out, we weren’t off on an international adventure, however, we were about to start on some exciting new signage work, much to Karen’s delight because, well, it’s gin!

MAKAR is a great brand to get our creative hands on. It’s a proud Glasgow brand and we are helping them carve out a strong positioning in a busy marketplace.
Our latest project together was to design airport signage to be displayed in various sites in Glasgow Airport. With such a fast moving area such as an airport the brand needed to stand out especially as it will be introduced to a new audience.

Developing & Building Upon A Strong Brand Image.

MAKAR is known in the craft and gin festival market, this key positioning at the airport allows the brand to build upon this image and increase awareness of the product to both national and international customers. With this reach and exposure in mind, we knew it was key to build upon MAKAR’s already established brand, whilst still trying to introduce it to a new audience.
We had the opportunity to place banner stands and posters at the recently rebranded “Beers&” Café on land-side of the airport, and at the “Pier Bar”, which is on the British Airways area of the airport.

Standing Out From The Crowd.

As there are quite a few brands represented in the bar areas, standing out is key. It’s an unwritten tradition to visit the bar to kick-start a holiday (sometimes even for breakfast!). With envious social media posts sharing the ‘holiday drink’ at the Airport, it’s a great opportunity to get in front of a large footfall.
We used emotive visuals of the bottle in a distillery setting to showcase the small batch nature of the brand and it’s locality to the airport. Introducing the USP of the MAKAR Green Chilli serve we developed a hashtag and tag line for the campaign playing on the wording – ‘#ServeChillied’.
We used the bold blues and coppers of the brand to give a punchy pop of colour throughout the bar areas, both behind the bar – where we showcased the bottles and the brand together – and in the seating areas where there is a captive audience who could take in more of the details of the posters and brand information.

We have been working with MAKAR for over two years now, and believe it or not, this January we started brainstorming ideas for Christmas Packaging and we are now finalising plans! So next time you are heading off on holiday look out for MAKAR the first Glasgow Gin, distilled a stones throw from the airport!

Post by Hannah Waugh

Hannah is our marketing executive at SHINE - If you have any social media, website marketing or SEO projects then feel free to get in touch!

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