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When the stars align
the Gin flows.

Arcturus Gin

With an ever increasing Gin collection to add to the 365 Whiskies, The Torridon saw an opportunity to develop their own Gin. In conjunction with award winning Dunnet Bay Distillers they wanted to bottle the essence of The Highlands and give it a unique flavour.

[ahrk-too r-uh s]

A first-magnitude star in the constellation of Boötes. Among the brightest stars that can be seen from Earth and is related to the stag…They are lustful animals, but it is said that the hinds can only conceive at the rising of the star Arcturus.

The Arcturus brand has seen two new expressions released. Scots Pine and Rose are the newest additions to the brand, further exploring the taste notes of Scotland.

Route to market

With a booming enthusiasm for Gin that shows no signs of slowing down, Arcturus wanted to expand beyond the confines of the hotel. We looked to develop a brochure site to facilitate online sales. With the addition of a Gin garden the brand is going from strength to strength. Future planning sessions see us looking into Gin events, Christmas ideas, gift sets and miniatures!

A new digital presence

We developed a fully responsive, ecommerce site to aid the launch of the gin with scope to expand the site as the brand grows. Utilising the strong product and

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