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Construction without compromise

Dickie & Moore Construction

Representing 5 generations of house builders and functioning on high-quality ideals, Dickie & Moore construction pride themselves in being one of the top constructions firms in Scotland and the North-East of England.

We were approached by Dickie & Moore in 2019 to complete a site that not only served as a functioning B2B marketing tool but was easily accessible and navigatable to clients and suppliers alike.

As a construction company with an eye firmly set on the future, they needed a website that reflected both their highly-skilled workforce as well as their determination for success.

New Build

The website is a bespoke WordPress build that resembles Dickie & Moore construction in many ways. It allows the Dickie & Moore Construction team the ability to create new pages, news, jobs and showcase their latest projects.

With a much more modern tech stack, this will allow their new website to grow and expand as they do, which is extremely important for a company of that calibre, who are constantly seeking to stay ahead of the game.

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