SHINE and Enchanted’s Journey

Bernie and Mariessa, owners of Enchanted Forest & Friends, came to us with a desire to expand their audience and to bring to life the brand inspired by their daughter. We developed 3 ideas to explore, inspire and challenge the clients expectations. This resulted in a very tough decision for them, as they loved all 3!


Branding Options

The 3 options presented left our client with the difficult choice of choosing their favourite as the loved them all!


Some of the brand elements that were developed to create a real impact in the retail space and to draw the customers inside The Enchanted Company world.

Time-lapse of The Development

Development of the chosen route was well underway. We managed to capture Karen working out the intricate designs before working her Mac magic


Karen and Martyn Planning Brand Domination

As is the nature of design, the direction took a twist when Bernie happened to glance at a working file during a meeting, and something just clicked. Back to the drawing board we worked out the strengths of the new direction. 2 heads are better than one.

Brand Launch Video

The Website

While all of this brand excitement was going on our digital department were busy behind the scenes setting up an eCommerce platform on which to build and sell the bespoke products and introduce the hand selected additional products. Creating a user journey that was simple, clear and visually led. With a focus on full screen images and bold call to action areas.

A Fully Responsive Website

Fully responsive, the digital team made sure that the brand and user experience was carried through all designs and displays. The clients knew the importance of their mobile customer and wanted to build a strong user experience.


Branding Before and After

Our Work

Below are some examples of the standard of creativity that we deliver at SHINE. We can support you with bringing order to an existing brand or creation of a new one and the same approach can be applied to digital. Perhaps your website is not performing the way you want it to? Set us a challenge and let us impress you.