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Let's T.A.L.K about epilepsy

Epilepsy Scotland

Robyn Friel, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Epilepsy Scotland, came to us looking to educate and engage the public with a general awareness campaign. We developed the creative thinking closely with her, the board and service users. With their goal in mind we developed an idea with a strong emphasis on first aid and how we can all make lives with epilepsy easier everyday.


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Brand Guidance

We started with a bit of housekeeping of the brand to consolidate the thinking and give a consistency to the messages and brand elements. Introducing design elements to bring the URL into the visual and give a direct link to online, a vital portal of information for their service users.

Annual Report

During this process we were also asked to design and produce their 2018/19 annual report. Tasked with pulling out key information we ensured that the stakeholders were presented with easily digestible facts and figures and to continue to develop the graphic style.

Awareness Campaign

During a session with peers at the charity someone described having a seizure whilst crossing the road… “I simply had a seizure in the wrong place at the wrong time”. With such a strong underlying message we wanted to allow the viewer to realise that the seizure was epileptic and not the person. The seizure happened at the wrong time, with no control over where it would happen, the blame does not lie with the person.

To dispel the negativity and false ‘truths’ surrounding the illness, we wanted to change general perception. By putting the onus on the general public to know what to do if someone had a seizure that they could save a life, reduce anxiety or avoid the serious injury to a person having a seizure.

Bold and Brave

Aware that generic adverts can sometimes be like wallpaper we put a harder hitting visual route to our client and she needed no encouragement to include the bold image in the second wave of media. Not to scare monger but to get people to sit up and pay attention. The charity has been applauded by peers for being braver and bolder than they have seen the sector being and hoped that it would pave the way for others to break down the hushed stigmas and untruths about the condition.

In collaboration with service users we used graphic images of real life injuries as the result of a seizure, covering the most graphic parts with a warning sticker relaying statistics. These were used across social media channels and the reaction was overwhelming to hear others sharing their personal stories. People were starting to #TalkEpilepsy.

We were delighted to work with SHINE on a number of projects recently around a brand refresh, our annual review and our first major awareness-raising campaign in a number of years. The team listened to what we wanted to achieve, understood and brought it to life in a way that we never thought possible. Their expertise and ideas turned our campaign idea into something more than raising awareness of epilepsy to the general public, they have captured our mission and values in a number of visuals and I’m excited to see the impact the campaign has.

Robyn Friel
Head of Fundraising and Communications, Epilepsy Scotland

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