Our Journey with Houlden

With over 30 luxury independent members representing around 80 stores across the UK and Ireland, Holden needed an image that would reflect the luxury and the quality of the people that they work with, and a website that would represent this. Holding networking events, Houlden also needed client facing materials such as newsletters, event guides and exhibition stands.


Branding – Smoke Assets

When people think of forming and shaping jewellery, they think of immense heat and the precious metals in a molten form, ready to be crafted. The very process of making the jewellery involves heat, fire – and those elements create smoke.  In the designs, the jewellery is the finished product of the fire and process, emerging from the heat in a perfectly formed shape. It’s the heat that contours the form and creates the smooth, liquid-like finish on the metal. It’s as though the finished piece is emerging from the fire, through the smoke and on its way to the next stage – it’s new owner.

The use of blue, purple or gold in the smoke highlights the undertones of colour that are found in the precious jewels, contrasting, yet complimenting, the make-up of the product. The smoke is flowing, fluid and ever changing. It adapts to the environment. An excellent representation of Houlden’s jewellery, which responds to the latest trends in the market and gives the customers what they want.



We have created the event guides for Houlden’s various events and other print material.

Responsive Website

Houlden Jewellers came to us to help update their membership site. They needed a site that allowed multiple membership level access. It also needed to have user forum and a complex product search system. By using some key WordPress plugins we were able to create a modern site that allowed them to perform complex admin tasks in the backend.

Mobile Friendly

When looking at Houldens analytics it was clear that more and more of their members were using mobile phones to view the site. As their current was not mobile friendly we made sure the experience on the phone and tablet was excellent. This has allowed for increased member activity across the site.

Our Work

Below are some examples of the standard of creativity that we deliver at SHINE. We can support you with bringing order to an existing brand or creation of a new one and the same approach can be applied to digital. Perhaps your website is not performing the way you want it to? Set us a challenge and let us impress you.