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A new wave of SVL online.

SVL Digital Development

As the UK’s leading supplier of contact centre solutions, SVL wanted to update and streamline their current online offering. Allowing their team to fully utilise the site as a sales tool.


With a wealth of information about complex solutions, SVL were keen to distil this down to bite sized snippets of information, with further reading possible if the viewer wanted. We developed an illustration style that brought elements of the brand styling into the site adding some animated elements to give some movement.

People are at the core of the business with some employees having worked there for over 30 years. We directed the photoshoot to get a good mix of the bustle of the day to day office and the people at the heart of the business.

Bryan Davis

Senior Developer

Having worked with SVL throughout the re-structuring process, it became clear that there was a need to further streamline the current content and online offering. We worked closely with Paul to wireframe the site and create a structured customer journey suited specifically to their end user. The creative team brought elements of the site to life with tailored illustrations and animations. This helps give a balance to the content and maintain the small bite sized nuggets of info.

“Our site has been in place for over three months and we can already see a real improvement in our analytics. It is not only intuitive, but already is hitting page one of the Google rankings.

The digital and design teams at SHINE provided an outstanding service, as always, for SVL. From the very outset of the project, they understood our goals for the new website and worked closely with us to provide a fresh, easy-to-navigate and optimised site.

Both Peter and Bryan from the digital team were a pleasure to work with, bringing the site on-line on-time and the design team showed their usual creativity delivering inspired visuals and images which enhanced the finished product.”

Paul Gray
Marketing Manager, SVL

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