Equity in a name at the heart of rebrand.

SVL Rebrand

A branding project usually comes at the same time as a revision of structure in a business and our involvement is not just assisting with the visual change of a company but also covers the presentation and communication of such an important change.

Looking to the future our client wanted to inject some life into their brand positioning. Offering the same high standard of telecommunications products and services they were known for they were keen to retain existing brand trust but felt that this move would position them firmly as market leaders.

The brand

Consideration was given to brand ownership and buy-in from staff and end users alike. A dynamic brand style was created that would allow diversity amongst the product and service brands while still maintaining a unity and coherence with the main company branding. Design with impact across all marketing collateral makes sure SVL stand out from the crowd.

We used the recorded voice wave data to generate the shape of the sound of the existing brand ‘Sinclair Voicenet’. This formed the foundation of the design, allowing the generations before to be an integral part of the future brand.

Colour waves

With several departments under the main brand we aligned each ‘personality’ to the spectrum of colour. We also developed unique wave forms to represent each service allowing each sub-brand to have its own visual language but to sit comfortably under the mothership.

By utilising this bright bold colour systems we could give the client a graphic vehicle to identify information in bite sized chunks that was easily identifiable by the end user.

Just a quick note to let you know that we have received the postal invites this afternoon. One word… Superb! Really impressed with them and I think they are the best yet.

Peter Gough
Director, SVL Business Solutions

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