We have now been working with The Torridon for over 5 years and have developed and improved their digital presence to keep up to date with web trends.

Last year it was decided that it was time to build a new Torridon site that moved away from the restrictive content model we had initially built to something more flexible and that has the ability to utilise screen space better on both desktop and mobile.

We also wanted to showcase the stunning hotel and surrounding landscape as best we could.

Below is the result of 3 months hard work.


Flexible Content

The new site is built on our own bespoke framework that allows for the creation of totally unique page layouts. We have given the team at The Torridon the ability to add galleries, menus, column layouts, video and timelines onto any page on the site. This allows us to move away from a very structured site to something much more visual and unique. It also gives us the ability to create essentially mini sites within the site, such as the Hotel Room pages which are full of detailed information that is all controlled from that specific page.

Bespoke Booking System

Over the last year The Torridon have been moving more and more elements of their business to an online booking model. On the old site this resulted in a number of ways to book and created an inconsistent journey for the user. What we did based on investigation and user testing was create one booking journey for all the elements of the site. This allows the user to have the same experience if they book a table at the restaurant or a classic room at the hotel. We also made sure the ‘Book Now’ button is visual on all pages of the site no matter where you are on the site.

Our booking system integrates perfectly with The Torridon’s Synxis account so that relevant data is passed to the booking engine. We have over the years formed a great relationship with Synxis and have made the process of moving from The Torridon site to the booking engine as seamless as possible. This has resulted in a much higher transaction rate for The Torridon.


Since 2013 we have seen a massive rise in traffic to The Torridon site that has also resulted in fantastic increases in online revenue. This has been due to close monitoring of the site and gradual improvements to the user journey that has resulted in this new website, we see it as a culmination of all the best elements of what a hotel website should offer. As you can see from the stats the results speak for themselves.


With the launch of the of the new site we had to make sure the transfer was as seamless as possible. This meant making sure all 301 redirects were in place and that we had setup clear SEO goals on a page by page basis. We also installed a user monitoring tool that allowed us to watch user experiences on the site and make initial changes based on user behavior. This monitoring tool allowed us to make a quick fix to the menu based on what we were seeing users experience only hours after launch.


SHINE have been working on our digital presence for over 5 years now and have constantly been improving it over the years, but we felt we needed a change of direction to move towards a more modern website design and usability experience. What SHINE have created for us is a fantastic, visual and user friendly website that should continue our year on year revenue increase in terms of direct bookings online. Overall we are delighted with the end product.

Dan and Rohaise - Owners of The Torridon Resort,

Our Work

Below are some examples of the standard of creativity that we deliver at SHINE. We can support you with bringing order to an existing brand or creation of a new one and the same approach can be applied to digital. Perhaps your website is not performing the way you want it to? Set us a challenge and let us impress you.