Westpoint Homes

Westpoint approached us as they wanted a fresh modern website that matched the quality of the homes they sell. As we had worked with them on a number of projects prior to the website we had a clear understanding of where they wanted the site to be. We created a site that is easy to use and also navigate, we focused on the main area of the site – the developments, site map and individual plots.

A Digital Transformation

We ensured the new site improved not only the end user journey but the ability for internal staff to update the site easily and efficiently and move away from the complex processes they had to perform to update the old site. We developed an ‘Update Once’ system that meant if any plot information on the site was updated, it then cascaded through the site and was updated across everything.

A Mobile Experience

From reviewing the site statistics, it showed that Westpoint Homes was accessed more via mobile and tablet so we wanted to make sure the experience on mobile was just as good as desktop. All components on the site were conceived with a mobile first ethos to make sure the user was able to access the key information and navigate quickly to the relevant page.

This flow was then translated to desktop to maintain the journey. We also simplified the navigation, moving away from three menus to just one so that all key pages were one click away for the user.

Straight to the pointer

One of the main areas of the site is the site plan map component. Westpoint can build up an interactive map on the site by adding plots and then simply dragging them to the relevant point on the map.

This was a bespoke solution created from scratch for the client. Previously they had to edit row HTML data, which increased the possibility of error, now have an easy to use and more importantly easy to update map pointer plugin for their site. As a fully responsive web element, users can now easily find the plot that suits them and get all the information they need within one click be it desktop or mobile.

Peter Johnstone

Head of digital

Westpoint Homes came to us back in September last year looking for a new site that would improve user experience and modernise the design. We were also tasked with making the data entry of adding hundreds of properties to the site much easier. We achieved this with a bespoke WordPress solution that means that data is entered in one place and populates across the whole site. So when Westpoint update a price of a home they do it once rather 4 or 5 times. Westpoint are delighted with the final site and we are already starting to see the enquiries come in.

Quality Engagement

Since the launch of the site in mid April we have already seen a marked increase in page views and more importantly a massive reduction in bounce rate. This shows people are engaging with the site more and as a result Westpoint are seeing a big increase in online enquiries.



Increase in new users



Increase in page views



Reduced bounce rates

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