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Video and motion

Like all creative projects, at their root is storytelling. It has the power to transport a customer, to connect them to your brand visually and emotionally. If a picture paints a thousand words then video is worth its bit-rate in gold.

World in motion

A 5am wake up call to catch the sun rise over Loch Etive or stalking deer in the highlands to capture a majestic moment in time. Words can only go so far to describe these scenes, video gives you an enticing insight into actually experiencing it for yourself. A little taster to pique interest and the thirst for more.

We have used animation to break down complex processes into visual bite sized chunks that can be easily digested. To add a little punch to a new brand reveal, helping to tell the story to a very visually led, and ever increasingly saturated social audience.

By always being ‘on’ we demand our content be richer, more dynamic and impactful.

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