Graphic Design

At SHINE we pride ourselves on our versatility.

We have to put ourselves in our clients shoes to truly understand a brief. We’ve been wealth managers, lawyers, international retail reporters and gin drinkers (Yes it does sound like a hard job) but someone has to do it! The fact is we love doing it! Without a passion for what we do we couldn’t bring that passion into what you do.

If your brand is your personality then design is the narrative, the tangible. It’s what makes a customer chose you over a competitor or sit up and take notice in the bustle of business.

Let creativity work for you.

See What We Can Do For You

Graphic Design, ideas, colours and creativity are subjective. That’s why we work WITH our clients to bring out the best of their brand or to develop a new one. We then distill this into every aspect of design. From marketing materials for business to business to targeting the discerning online customer.

Our Work

Below are some examples of the standard of creativity that we deliver at SHINE. We can support you with bringing order to an existing brand or creation of a new one and the same approach can be applied to digital. Perhaps your website is not performing the way you want it to? Set us a challenge and let us impress you.