It’s Crochet O’Clock!

After doing the ‘Art School’ thing, complete with pink hair! Yes really! I began my creative journey with two years of work ‘experience’ (read unpaid labour/invaluable knowledge). Now with more silver in my hair – my creative streak – and 10 years under my belt the rest is a long story that is best enjoyed over a pint or two.

Branding design makes me tick, creating a personality for a brand and turning a client’s vision into a solution. I find inspiration in a blank sheet of paper, some tea (or gin), and more tea. When I stare out of the window I AM working.

I have a unique talent for finding software glitches that only happen to me. They’re affectionately known as ‘Kerrors’.

  • What makes me happy: My daughter Georgia closely followed by gin
  • Favourite colour: 5565C
  • Around the office I am: Messy, only my physical desktop, my digital one is immaculate!
  • Most used word: Crochet IS cool
  • Describe myself in one word: Crafty (in the arty sense, occasionally in the other)
  • Would like to meet: Sir David Attenborough – I have a baby dinosaur in my house. True story. That’s him above in the picture. He is 180 million years old (the dinosaur, not Attenborough).

Key staff

Our most valuable asset. At SHINE you get to talk directly to the people who are creating your work. We take the time to craft a solid brief with you and we take the time to work through a robust process to deliver the best possible project for you. We are collectively made up of Branding Creatives, Digital Developers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Executives and an Organisational Ninja.