As you may know, Team SHINE have packed up and are heading home to set up our remote working armed with our iMacs, keyboards, mouses and our to-do lists. We now have offices in the Highlands, Motherwell, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge as well as the West End and Southside of Glasgow. 

We will still be contactable by phone, e-mail, Outlook teams video call or Zoom video call and our social channels as we transition into our less formal offices. We are tackling this uncertain period with our usual shiney attitude and will continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations whether it is delivering beautiful design, advanced digital or effective social.

As our commute no longer involves having to navigate Glasgow’s public transport in the morning but instead involves a much calmer and relaxed drift to our desks in our favourite slippers and similarly, taking conference calls in whatever attire we desire (within reason) our Managing Director, Craig, has reminded us that although the working day may be more relaxed, it can often feel lonely.

Here are 5 Top Tips he has given us that make sure the team are well looked after which in turn will keep the team motivated and best placed to look after our clients.

Take breaks and walk around regularly –

Although your new commute might now only consist of slipping into some slippers and gliding towards your desk, it is easy to get caught up in your work when you are sat by yourself, getting up and walking around is good for blood flow and gives your eyes a break regularly as well as taking time to get some fresh air during the day.

Keep Talking –

With the Shine team, there is no deficit of banter but it is always important to pick up the phone or do a quick video call with one of the team even if it is for 5 minutes. It can break up your day and take your mind off the task at hand for a minute and it is some important human contact and seeing a friendly face.  Basically, if you want to take the piss out of one of your colleagues don’t let your location stop you.

Communication –

When working remotely it is sometimes possible that tasks and requests can get lost in amongst the numerous conference calls, emails, texts, slacks and all other communication apps, that sometimes the original job has lost its way due to the barrage of cross-communication. Keep a simple notes app, that you can place on your desktop to keep track of your ever-changing to-do list. 

Eat Healthily –

At home, it is easy to snack on things throughout the day, try and stick to 3-meals a day to keep your body topped up and fulfilled to produce your best work.

Stay Safe –

Look after yourself when out and about, wash your hands, keep distanced and follow the government advice to ensure the safety of you and your family.

From all of us here at SHINE, we hope you are staying safe during this hectic and scary period and look forward to begin back at SHINE towers doing what we do best!

Stay safe.


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