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Highland Hospitality


Mara is a contemporary dining concept presenting gifts from Scotland’s waters, fields, forests & skies, with minimal interruption.

Our identity was designed to reflect the ethos of innovative dishes created from local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. A bespoke word marque was created to reflect the land and waters of the highlands of Scotland. The identity is intentionally stripped back and refined to reflect the dishes with the core ingredients being the star of the show.

Located in Dornoch, we took inspiration from the industrialisation of the area and Andrew Carnegie in our application of the brand utilising copper foils and corten (weathering) steel signage situated externally and internally. The rusting of the steel over time also reflects the coming together of the elements and brining the character of Scotland to the plate. Carefully considered, tactile paper stocks and finishes across all materials add a suitably luxurious feel.

We were also involved in the art direction of a new suite of photography to capture the concept in its simplest form. This included staff and food shot by Adam Lynk.

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