Flashy web companies such as Google, Apple, and now WordPress, have all dropped support for Internet Explorer. While other, and perhaps more preferred options of Chrome and Safari are available, this would still affect many people. If you’ve recently started a new WordPress project or if you have an existing WordPress website, this may sound alarming to you but fear not SHINE will save the day.

If you are one of the people who find yourself in this position, we have created a simple guide to help you through, so get your cup of tea ready and let’s begin!

WordPress 4.8 – What This Means⚡️

When designers/developers of popular software decide to “drop support” of particular browsers it means that they won’t test new features in those browsers. Your WordPress experience might not be effected but with new updates such as with the Gutenberg editor, you will not get the full experience in an older browser, so let SHINE guide you on how to stay at the bleeding edge of these technological updates.

Update your Browser ?!

1. Click the Start button.
2. Click Settings.

update windows step one

3. Select “Updates & Security.

update windows step two

4. Click “Windows Update”
5. Click “Check for updates” Windows 10 will connect to Microsoft and check for any updates.

If you don’t have Edge installed then it will be available for you to install.

Don’t Panic! ?

While this may be a big update, it won’t effect your website at SHINE. We browser test our websites in IE so you and your customers’ experience of browsing your website will not be effected by this update of WordPress.

New Features ?

WordPress is introducing a couple of new features to existing widgets as well as adding two new widgets which we are excited about!
Text Editor Widget ✏️

WordPress Text Editor Widget
Now Has a visual/text(html) area.

Image Widget ?

WordPress Image Widget
Lets you quickly upload an image to your chosen area/sidebar with a title.

Video Widget ?

WordPress Video Widget
Exactly the same as the image widget but instead lets you add videos and insert YouTube videos from a url! Very Handy.

Need help updating your site?

SHINE can help you with all your WordPress needs. Get in touch today and let us help you stay on the tip-top of the Internet thunderdome.

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