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Spring is in the air…

The perfect time for ‘Spring cleaning’ your social media? Everyone stresses the importance of keeping your social media platforms up to date and continually adding new content. However, so many brands let their Pinterest slip.

Not only should we be continually adding new ‘Pins’ to our boards, it’s also important to remember to update the cover photos and change the order of the boards. At different times of the year, people will be searching for different things. For example, as Autumn approaches, people may be looking for crisp Autumn leaves and cosy looking images. While in the Springtime, people are beginning to think more about ideas to decorate and freshen their home for Spring.

It’s important to be reactional to the season, yet proactive to be ahead of the trend. We’ve just had a bit of a ‘Spring clean’ of our Pinterest, updating the cover images to keep it looking fresh, but also to coincide with the new season. Have a look here.

In fact, as we see snowdrops and daffodils start to appear in gardens and shops, the thought of Spring and Easter are great cause for excitement. Our marketer, Jennifer, even has some fresh tulips on her desk!

Naturally, pictures of daffodils, tulips, daisies and snowdrops are starting to ‘Spring’ up on Pinterest. Why? Because people are searching for them!

What better time to start our ‘Fresh as a Daisy’ Pinterest board. A little board of images to brighten every day and help you get excited about the new seasons to come – of course, there’s a fair bit of yellow in there too!!

Ready to be inspired and put a ‘Spring’ in your step? Have a look at our new board here and feel free to give us a follow.

Fresh as a Daisy Pinterest

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Posted by SHINE / 24.02.2016

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