What’s the point of social media?


As of January 2022, statistics show that 48% of the global population is on social media – that’s 3.78 billion people and counting. Whether you’re somebody that loves to photograph their lunch or thinks all phones should be banned at the table, there’s no denying that social media is here to stay – particularly since…

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Meet the Team – Senior Graphic Designer


We caught up with SHINE’s Senior Graphic Designer Ian Westwater this week to discuss the process of getting into design and some exciting upcoming projects. How did you end up in design? Where did you start?   I always had an interest in drawing and technology, which ended up leading me down the route of a…

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How Social Media Ads can maximise your revenue


As every year passes, the power of social media continues to rise and exceed expectations like never before. 20 years ago, the potential marketing reach was very limited as outbound marketing was much more prevalent whether that be billboards, newspaper ads or cold-calling where the audience could be warm or cold leads, there was no…

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The secrets to hotel booking engines


Here at SHINE, we take pride in every website that we deliver. We ensure that customer usability and access is perfect whilst combining that with the clients’ values and ethos to create a website that is Industry leading. For many of our hospitality clients, they want this standard to flow through to their booking engine…

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Capturing ‘that’ hero shot


So many statistics are quoted about peoples attention span these days. I was told recently that our concentration limit in meetings, Zoom or otherwise, it is around the seven minute mark, or at least I think thats what they said. It’s interesting that articles now have the ‘5 minute read’ note on them to give you a…

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12 Months at SHINE


Throughout my first year at SHINE, there have been moments that have surprised me, scared me, intrigued me and enlightened me. Each moment adding to the fuel of my burning desire to dive further into marketing and develop both myself individually and within this flourishing industry. As I move into handling Digital Marketing at SHINE,…

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What to expect from Social Media in 2021


Social Media is an everchanging atmosphere that is in a constant state of evolution with minimal signs that it will ever slow down. There are new technologies and apps popping up every day with a new addition and role to play in the industry whether that be a positive or negative contribution. We have come…

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Why your brand needs to be on Instagram


In the last five years, Instagram has morphed from being a millennial hub to being one of the most used and most frequented social media platforms in the world with over 1 billion users.

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