We have been working with Age Exchange since pitching, and winning, their business in October 14. Our mission was to re-brand the charity as well as deliver a new website in time for the launch of their research document at the Kings Fund in London in January.

Naturally when working with SHINE, deadlines were met and the new visual identity of the charity was launched at the board meeting on the 20th of January (to a round of applause no less) and then it all came together beautifully on the 21st of January. New banner stands welcomed the delegates and each person was given a strategy booklet and research report document before the ubiquitous power point let then through the agenda.

It was a great project to work on and the feedback we have had from within the charity has been extremely positive. Very much “I can’t believe we put up with the old brand for so long” type moments…

With many more projects on the agenda for Age Exchange we do see this as a long term relationship and developing the new brand across their premises in Blackheath.

Keep your eyes peeled for a testimonial to follow…

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