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SHINE have been working with Morris and Spottiswood on the redesign of their website.

Morris and Spottiswood work within 4 main areas: fitout, housing. m&e services and flooring, enhancing spaces for their clients.
Tasked with redesigning their website, SHINE worked within the following brief:

  • Responsive and interactive design
  • Visual appeal
  • Ability for staff to manage updates and all aspects of the site
  • Focus on previous work for clients and portfolio

Using this as an outline, SHINE created a website through WordPress that allows updates to be made easily.

The use of Morris and Spottiswood secondary colours helped to make the site more visual and distinguish between the different aspects of the business. There is also an emphasis on the case studies and clients, which demonstrates their previous work and portfolio. This creates a flow to allow potential customers to easily work through all aspects of the site.

SHINE helped Morris and Spottiswood to launch the new website by creating a Prezzi presentation to showcase the features and design. With around 50 people attending this event at a local pub, the website received excellent feedback.

The design gives Morris and Spottiswood the flexibility and ability to keep their website up to date with new clients, case studies and company news.

A secondary aspect to this project was linking the website to Mailchimp, allowing automatic updates for new subscribers and newsletters to be set.

To check out Morris and Spottiswood’s website click here to see it for yourself.


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Posted by SHINE / 31.03.2015

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