What better way to spend your time than out on a SHINE Big Night Out…

Every so often, SHINE like to have a wee get together and bond over some beer and food. Once the date was selected (4th June) we had to choose a venue for our SHINE-tacular night.

Sapporo Tappanyaki was nominated to be our chief food and drink provider. The Japanese restaurant definitely has the novelty factor. With our own personal chef named ‘Superman’ (real name according to his badge), he demonstrated his excellent culinary skills by juggling eggs, spatulas and food.

Superman Cooking

Superman seemed to like us…


If that wasn’t enough there was even brandy-soaked meat sending flames high into the air. However, it wasn’t just the novelty factor that we enjoyed, the food was also fantastic. By the time we reached what felt like our 7th main course, we had sampled miso wakame soup, chicekn gyoza, lobster, steak, sea bass and garlic scallops, and we were exceptionally full.

Flaming Food

So fit for bursting, and unable to eat any more, we had a look around and noticed the different chefs around the restaurant are colour coordinated. This is when the most exciting part of the night occurred… A chef dressed in yellow emerged. YELLOW. Naturally, we had to ask for a picture with the chef and try on the hat…

SHINE Night Out

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