Looking to the future our client wanted to inject some life into their brand positioning and incorporate their change of name from Sinclair Voicenet to their new name, SVL Business Solutions.

Offering the same high standard of telecommunications products and services they were known for they were keen to retain existing brand trust but felt that this move would position them firmly as market leaders.

Consideration was given to brand ownership and buy-in from staff and end users alike. A dynamic brand style was created that would allow diversity amongst the product and service brands while still maintaining a unity and coherence with the main company branding.

Working within telecommunications, Karen had an idea to base the new image on a sound wave, and that is where things fell in to place.


Bringing in elements of the different companies of SVL, whilst keeping a continuity throughout.


The brand is incorporated in to various print work for SVL.

The design had impact across all marketing collateral to make sure SVL stand out from the crowd and is recognisable to customers and competitors.


To accompany the new brand, we build a website for the image to be showcase on and that provided a more efficient user experience.

We created a website that echo’s the nature of the business utilising small soundbites of information that could be tailored to each department and colour coded to link in the family of brands. The masonry effect allows lots of information to be displayed or a little without compromising on the layout and overall impact of the site.

The fully responsive designs ensure that the user experience is as on point in the field as it is on desktop.


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