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Would All Digital Designers Please Stand Up!

SHINE is on the hunt for a talented and creative designer to join our small and friendly agency based in Glasgow.

We work with clients ranging in size from single person businesses up to companies of over 1,000 staff spread across the UK. Our clients range geographically from London and South East England right up to the north of Scotland beyond Inverness to Loch Torridon. These are not ‘remote relationships’ we put in the time and effort to regularly meet with our clients regardless of their location.


We’re looking for someone who is passionate about design, website user experience and willing to constantly learn about new web techniques to keep ahead of the game. Our ideal candidate will:

We are a small studio but we are small for a reason.  It allows us to give our clients an excellent level of creativity and client service.  This is an excellent opportunity to be a valued part of a creative team.  If you are successful in your application you can look forward to working in a creative environment based in the heart of Glasgow and be working with a range of talented creative types.
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