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Edible Branding – What A Tasty Idea!

Whether you’re launching a new brand or just looking to make an impact with your current brand, making it edible is a great way to grab some attention! After doing this for one of our clients and receiving some branded cupcakes and biscuits to the SHINE office from a company, it is definitely something that gets people excited!

A couple of months ago whilst working on a rebrand, our client asked us if we could launch the new brand to their staff in an exciting, memorable and engaging way to get them on board with the change and really make an impact. This got us thinking about what we could do that would successfully do this.
We thought – who doesn’t love cupcakes?! These went down a treat during the presentation and we got great support from all staff members.

To celebrate SHINE’s 18th birthday this year we got our brand made into a cake to enjoy on the big day – safe to say we were enjoying it for a couple of days after as well…

Then, to our delight, we were on the receiving end of someone elses marketing efforts and received a box of branded cupcakes & biscuits to the SHINE office! We can confirm that it did indeed cause excitement and happiness on a Friday afternoon! So not only is it a great way to introduce or push your brand, it can be a useful marketing activity to try and get yourself acknowledged, and to get people to share your message for you by incorporating a ‘#’!

We looked further into this ‘edible branding’ concept and discovered that a lot of places are doing it too. From personalised pasta to tuna stamping and branded ice cubes, some restaurants are going all out to get their brand to the forefront of their customers’ minds.

Have a look at this article to see some of the creative ideas these places have been using to showcase their brand.

If you’re looking for a rebrand with a spectacular & unforgettable launch, get in touch and we can make it happen!

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