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A modern platform for a historic location

Cawdor Castle

An ancient medieval tower constructed around a legendary holly tree, Cawdor Castle dates from the late 14th century and has been inhabited by the same family for over 600 years.

Shine was tasked with constructing a site that reflected the beauty and elegance of the property, coupled with a seamless user journey that would drive ticket conversions and increase visitor numbers.

Content Creation

Bespoke video and drone content was also created to highlight the unique location, atmosphere, and beautiful surrounding gardens. This content allowed for high impact introduction to site visitors.

Setting The Tone

To help strike a balance between the historic location and a contemporary digital presence we utilised Recife Display from Luzi Type. Designed for traditional editorial, but with unique calligraphic and modern elements to give the elegant aesthetic required.

Mobile First

With 50% of users accessing from mobile devices, the site was designed with key information being easily accessible across any screen size. Adaptable call-to-actions were implemented into the mobile navigation, allowing visitors to purchase tickets as simply as possible.

The Results

Since launching the new site has seen an increase in users of 29% and an increase in individual page views of 48%. This increased traffic has resulted in almost 10,000 online ticket purchases in the first three months.

Figures calculated between April to August 2019 and April to August 2021.

"I was impressed by SHINE from our initial conversations and took a lot of confidence from their track record of strong digital projects. I am very proud of the new website, delighted with the look and customer journey that SHINE have developed. We were looking for a marketing partner that would help us hit our targets as a visitor attraction and the team at SHINE have been brilliant in covering design and digital matters as well as developing our new video and social content."

Graham Griffith, Managing Director

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