Throughout my first year at SHINE, there have been moments that have surprised me, scared me, intrigued me and enlightened me. Each moment adding to the fuel of my burning desire to dive further into marketing and develop both myself individually and within this flourishing industry.

As I move into handling Digital Marketing at SHINE, I wanted to look back at some moments and lessons from the past year and how they have contributed to my new role and shaped me into where I am now.


This year has furthered my understanding of business integrity and togetherness. Not only has solidarity been key to keep morale up within our team but I have noticed that it has become a significant value to many clients that I have dealt with, especially during a year such as this. solidarity has outshone many other business pursuals and that has been both refreshing and enlightening to learn this so early on in my career.

Mistakes are a necessity 

Making a mistake and having the breathing space to do so can only ever be seen as a positive, as long as you use it wisely.

There are many instances in life when you will make a mistake which cannot be undone, but when in a position of learning these mistakes will end up making you who you are, especially in marketing, when the world can see your mistakes.

Being given the opportunity to learn from a mess-up has taught me not only self-patience but also self-correction which has proved to be a key trait to me.

Coffee. Is. Everything.

The fact I received a Pret-A-Manger Voucher for Christmas from Craig, really says it all.

Digital Marketing is my passion

After perusing many different areas of the marketing industry, it was clear from when I started to take an interest in developing strategies and monitoring campaigns that the digital life was for me.

There is nothing quite like developing an online presence with a client and watching it grow in line with their goals!

Never underestimate the power of words

As we are now conducting meetings miles apart from each other, the ability to read a room, to take in the atmosphere and develop a ‘vibe’ is lost amongst the airwaves of yet another zoom call.

This leaves only your voice and the power words to communicate which has been both difficult yet a blessing.

It has taught me to think about how I direct myself and how to convey my messages clearer and more directly to the person I am pitching to because you are fighting to keep attention between the group as you are all screen to screen not face to face.

Trains, Buses, Subways (Pre-Pandemic)

I think I travelled more on public transport between meetings, work and projects in the first 3 months of this job than in my entire life…


Each day I see the team develop something they are truly passionate about and I am beyond lucky to get to see this happen daily whether that be an outstanding branding development or a website that boasts beauty, seeing this passion has solidified my want and need to grow and stay within this industry.

The next steps…

This new role is an exciting one for me because it is new, fresh and full of potential. I cannot wait to take on more projects with old and new clients and collaborate on some exciting new ideas that challenge myself and give me new things to learn along the way.


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