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Charity of the Month: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The weather is definitely (maybe) getting warmer and Spring is really on the way (sort of). Everywhere there are daffodils springing up and other signs of Spring in the air.

One thing which everybody recognises as a clue that the warmer months are ahead; the sightings of bumblebees buzzing around all the new flowers!

They are our favourite insect, not just because of the yellow on their backs (though it does help), but also because they are extremely useful pollinating plants & making honey. They are arguably one of the most important insects in the UK.

However, their numbers have been dwindling over the years and there is real concern over what that will mean for our food production and the effect that it will have on the environment.

This is where Bumblebee Conservation Trust come in. They are out to protect and encourage the bumblebee population in the UK, with a view to educating people on why the bees are so important.
You can read more about their work and get involved in stopping the plight of the bumblebee here.

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