A brand new studio without the hassle of moving…

So, it was time to give the studio a “wee” refresh and replace some (basically all) of the equipment. We love all our shiny new things and wanted to share them with you.

Besides a new lick of paint, we got new Apple screens (we now have 12 for 8 members of staff! Some people loved them so much they got two…) and also fancy new desks with our own set of drawers… two of the desks are even electronic so we can stand while working. #Genius
The shiny and clean ‘digital’ side of the office (we found Nemo).

New Office-8New Office-9

The currently-shiny-and-clean-but-not-for-long ‘print’ side of the office.

New Office3-1New Office-4

Ahhh the standing desk!!

New Office3-1-2New Office3-2

The shiny and new Apple computers.

New Office2-1NewOffice-2

And finally, our snazzy board room.


What’s your favourite part? – Apart from the yellow walls obviously!


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    Charity of the Month: Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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  • Charity of the Month: Unicef

    Charity of the Month: Unicef

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