As many of you will know, every month we support a different charity and call it our Charity of the Month. The idea is to promote that charity and raise awareness for the work they do, as well as providing some financial support.

We like to ask for your nominations and choose a charity that is close to your heart. So, last month we received a Facebook message from Deanna Wolf asking for us to support Quarriers next.
Quarriers is predominately a social care charity, helping vulnerable children, adults and families with various issues they may incur throughout their lives. This could be health related, financial or circumstantial.
The charity also provides care and support to these vulnerable groups, providing more information on different disabilities, illnesses and how to support young people in the UK.
We are delighted to give a donation to Quarriers and help them fund this valuable work.
So as you can see from this month, it’s really great when people want to interact with us on social media and we really do listen to what you have to say.
If you would like to nominate a charity please get in touch, why not be really modern and Facebook or Tweet us? On the other hand, you could always ‘Tweet’ us the old fashioned way via carrier pigeon… whatever works for you…

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