It’s an exciting time for Glasgow, as we host the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships!

It’s also a great opportunity for local businesses, as people are arriving from all over the world to get involved and watch the 2015 World Gymnastic Championships over this next week.
Princes Square was keen to get involved and formed their Welcome to Glasgow‘ campaign. They asked us to develop the marketing and advertising for the campaign, creating artwork and finding the best places to advertise.
Princes Square
Of course, location is a vital part of marketing. We wanted to target the right people, that is, the people arriving in Glasgow to watch the World Gymnastic Championships, so what better place to advertise than in Glasgow airport.
Glasgow Airport
As Glasgow City Centre is so busy and people are always moving, we also wanted to get involved in Ad Bikes around the city to promote the event and create as much publicity as possible.
Ad Bikes
The campaign will also be advertised around Princes Square and you can follow it on their social media pages.
World Gymnastic Championships


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