As many of you will know, we always ask for a suggestion for our Charity of the Month as we like to support charities that are close to your heart. Recently, we received a lovely email from a fundraiser at Scottish Huntington’s Association asking us to consider them as our next charity. Of course, we are happy to support them and try to raise some more awareness of Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington’s Disease is a neurological condition, where a faulty gene causes certain brain cells to waste away and eventually die. It is a hereditary condition that can affect a person’s ability to walk, talk and swallow, as well as their personality and emotions.

The charity was set up by a group of families who were living with Huntington’s Disease and they wanted to provide a support network for each other. Since starting in 1989, Scottish Huntington’s Association has grown to have 9 specialist services across Scotland and provides support, both emotional and financial to families affected by the disease.

If you want to read more about Scottish Huntington’s Association, you can view their website here.
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