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What happens on a photoshoot, stays on a photoshoot… except when you’re taking pictures to put on a blog for the world to see…

Have you ever wondered what happens at a photoshoot? Well, we would love to fill you in! As some of you may have seen on our social media pages, we were recently involved in the Princes Square ‘Christmas Extravaganza Event‘ photoshoot. (Perhaps the last time we are allowed, but you can judge for yourselves after looking at the pictures…)

So as the campaign is starting to be promoted by Princes Square and is set to take place on the 26th November. We just thought you should see some of the things that went on behind the scenes – a bit of inside knowledge.

Of course, the photoshoots are taken very seriously and we all needed to be on our best behaviour…


And it wasn’t just the models that wanted to be on camera…


Mark, the hairdresser, spent a lot of time on camera…


Craig was starting to feel left out and decided to start his career as a model…


Then Gerardo, our photographer, decided he wanted to be on the other side of the camera for a while too…


Throughout the shenanigans we also just had to make sure there was some yellow popping in here and there, after all, SHINE does love a bit of yellow!


But in all seriousness, we did have a very productive day and got some great photographs. After hours of photoshopping the 10,000 photos taken, Martyn was able to create some rather great adverts for Princes Square.


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Posted by SHINE / 26.11.2015

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