Are you a fan of golf? Do you think you could play 100 holes in only one day?

Whether you are a major fan of golf or only like to play occasionally, completing 100 holes in only one day would prove a difficult task for anyone (even Tiger Woods?) Well that’s exactly what Tom Lovering and Michael McEwan managed to do on Monday the 22nd June, playing from 4am – 10pm and walking 23 miles in the process.

Why did they want to play 16 hours of golf in one day? To raise money for Yorkhill Children’s Charity, who provide support for paediatric, obstetric and neonatal care. Every year, the charity help 160,000 people and continually strive to improve the care they can give. Having now moved to the new Glasgow hospital, Yorkhill are excited about the prospects of new equipment and the care that can be given. Have a look at their fancy new home here.

Tom and Michael completed the ‘100 Holes Challenge’ for exactly this reason: to help Yorkhill provide even better care.

If you would like to read more about their golfing-marathon or wish to donate, you can visit their Just Giving page here. You can also read more about Yorkhill Children’s Charity by clicking here.
Is there a charity close to your heart? Why not nominate them as our next ‘Charity of the Month’ and we will donate £50 to the charity of your choice.

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