Unveiling of the world’s most exclusive smoked trout fillet…

Over the last couple of months we have been working hard for our client RR. Spink to prepare for the launch of the ‘RR. Spink 300 Anniversary Limited Edition Royal Fillet’. Inspired by the long standing history and expertise in fish mongering, RR. Spink were ready to mark their 300 year anniversary with something a bit special.

The idea came to celebrate with a limited edition fillet of trout. As it is all about the 300 year anniversary, it was decided that only 300 trout fillets were to be produced and they would sell for £300. So the concept had been decided. The taste had been perfected. Now over to SHINE for the design.
The inspiration for the packaging came from whisky. When you think of whisky, you think of a luxury product, steeped in Scottish history and a real depth to the flavour. This was the idea we wanted to get across. As the trout has a smoky yet woody taste, it made sense to base the packaging design on this.
RR Spink-5
To really showcase and introduce the product, we created a beautiful information leaflet. In here, it explains all about the history of RR. Spink, the reasons behind for the limited edition fish and what you can expect to experience when purchasing this product. This was to be included in every package that was sold.

Normally when you buy fish from the supermarket you don’t expect it to be beautifully packaged in a wooden-inpsired box. Of course, this product is in a league of its own. Our bespoke box design is reminiscent of whisky, promoting the exclusivity of the product.
RR Spink-7
So the product and packaging design were now perfected. The next stage was to hold the launch event. Invitations were designed and sent to London’s finest foodie fanatics (is that too much alliteration?) to attend the unveiling of the world’s most exclusive smoked trout fillet. At £300 per fillet, this promised to be one of the most exciting prestigious events for fish-lovers.


The brand ambassador, Michelin star chef Mark Sargeant, hosted and introduced the event at his Soho restaurant, Morden & Lea.  He was telling us all about —
Wait! Is that a yellow chopping board?!! We love it!


Anyway, he was telling us all about the fish and the guests got to sample the exclusive fillets, as well as some delicious canapés.

Not bad for a night out in London. If you are now intrigued about the ‘world’s most exclusive fish’ have a read on RR. Spink’s blog here, where they go into more detail about the actual product itself.


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