As SHINE has been growing so much recently, we found it had become a bit of a tight squeeze around our meeting table for the weekly SHINE Huddle. The time had come for our table to expand with us! While we were at it, what better time to shine-ify the whole studio just a little bit more…
Remember the “1000-piece impossible colour jigsaw“? Well, we wanted to put it to good use and decided to frame it above the TV in the studio. We couldn’t break it up after all that hard work!


In Craig’s office, where we have all the “big people” meetings, Martyn came up with this rather clever idea to turn the room into a giant computer. We now have digital wallpaper in the form of a Photoshop desktop, and a keyboard themed table. All we need now is an oversized yellow mouse!


So far, the table has gone down really well with clients. There have been tweets, there have been comments and there has been a mutual understanding by all, for how wonderful this table is. There are a few jokes hidden in the keyboard, so you will need to pop in to see it face-to-face and spot them all.

(Added incentive: we always have biscuits and good coffee!! … We also design stuff…)


Finally, we also gave the entrance to the SHINE plaza a bit of a spruce up. There has never been enough yellow before, but now you can be in no doubt that you are in the right place.


Our yellow lego road is going to come in very handy when we have visitors. Before, we would just say “we’re on the top floor”, but now we will just say, “Follow the yellow brick road…”
Thanks to the guys at Eastern for doing such a great job!

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