Our clients, The Torridon, have been looking for some shiny new signage

The Torridon is a resort in the North of Scotland, featuring a luxury hotel, inn and boathouse. They were delighted to learn that they are on the route for ‘North Coast 500’ (NC500), which has been called Scotland’s answer to Route 66. As the name suggests, this involves a 500-mile scenic tour of Scotland’s North coast. You can read more about the ‘NC500’ and view the map on the official website here.
We have been working with The Torridon for a number of years now. We have since become their ‘out-of-house’ marketing department and manage all their design needs. Recently, they approached us asking for a new design for their signage. (To see other projects we have been working on with The Torridon, such as their new website and brochures, have a look at our page here.)

Creating an effective signage campaign can be challenging and the design should be simple, aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. In-keeping with the luxury branding of The Torridon, SHINE used tonal colours with a high contrast to create a contemporary styled sign.

With the use of simple silhouettes, the signs feature graphics that provide illustrative information to help customers to interpret the signs and find their way more quickly. The symbols are a modern and simplistic take on traditional Scottish branding.

The design strategy used by SHINE builds on the basic principles for all signage, keeping the look simple and illustrative. This method is used in many other signage designs, such as in airports, where there is a strict code to follow. Read our recent blog about The Design Strategy Behind Airport Signage for more information.

The Torridon signage 2

As a creative agency, we are very interested in the design of signs and how effective they can be. This is why we have created a Pinterest board of innovative and cleverly designed signage around the world. Check it out here to see other examples of well-designed signage. We’ll be adding to the board often so please follow if you want to keep updated.

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