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SHINE Internship Placement – A Way In

With such a cut-throat environment out there, we believe that graduates need an ‘in’ into the industry and some experience to get them a step further to getting a full-time job.

Through our connection with Cancer Support Scotland, for a 3-month period, we offer graduates an internship where they can get stuck into all things design, deal with clients and enhance their employability. We heard back from a past intern Douglas, and our current intern Rachele, to find out their take on the internship.

“During my internship at SHINE, working for Cancer Support Scotland, I got the chance to work on a great selection of projects. The charity were my client, so I also got experience in client relations. I completely designed their Annual Review document, from initial concepts right through to seeing it being printed. I also managed their WordPress website, created leaflets, posters, banners and tickets. I got the chance to contribute towards other clients’ briefs.

The internship for Cancer Support Scotland with SHINE was easily the most beneficial thing I’ve done since graduating. I got useful, honest feedback and advice from everyone. I was able to work on my own portfolio, gain interview preparation and get a great insight into working in a creative agency. I’d recommend it to anyone getting started. I left feeling more confident, and more like a real designer.”

As a recent graduate looking to cut their teeth in the design industry this has been an excellent opportunity. It has been great to work in a busy studio along with live clients and projects. I’ve only been here for little over a month but I have already learned so much about the design industry and look forward to the rest of my time in the studio.”

If you’re a graduate and interested in some first-hand experience in the design industry, keep an eye out for the next internship posted!

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