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SHINE Planning 2017 – Crieff Hydro Edition

After a successful Christmas ‘jolly-up’, and two weeks off to recover, we were refreshed and ready to plan another busy year at SHINE! We took to the road with 2 days of planned activities and the final alcoholic drinks before that January ‘detox’.


We met at the SHINE studio and set off in two cars (a boys car, and a girls + Craig car), towards Creiff Hydro, Perth. After making it there in one piece (just! * ), we congregated in “The Bavrick Room” for a SHINE Meeting.. where we planned various changes, improvements and ideas to make 2017 even bigger and better!

We were put through a ‘mind-bending session’, whereby our problem solving and team work skills were put to the test, and funnily enough, the one involving a bottle of champagne was solved in half the time it took us to work out the other two!

So after a productive day of planning and playing, it was time to have a few drinks and some dinner! Our first day was concluded with a nightcap, and we were off to bed to rest up for another SHINE planning day.


We met for a fantastic breakfast at the early hour of 8am, some of us even made it to the hotel pool/gym beforehand! We were then working on our process and the functionality of the team, to make sure SHINE is a well-oiled, smooth-running engine.

After a couple of productive hours, we took to the hills for our off-road Segway experience. We had a quick practice, and then off we went up the hills, round the corners and down again. We were able to stop at the top to enjoy the view and take some pictures.

So, what do you get if you mix: 8 shiney people, two cars, 8 segways, 10 Amstels, 3 girly ciders, 2 suites, 6 ‘standard’ rooms (don’t ask), 1 EXpresso cocktail and an endless supply of Highland Spring? A happy, refreshed and ready for 2017 Team SHINE!

* Strategic pensioner avoidance

Have a look at our video from the trip.

And a few pictures..
Our Planning Room.

Problem Solving.

We made it to the top!

The view..

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