It’s always nice when a client recommends us. It was no different when The Lovat came to us after hearing good things about the biscuit-munching SHINERS.

The Lovat, Loch Ness‘ is a hotel located on the shores of, you guessed it, Loch Ness. Being a 4-star, 3-Rosette, eco-conscious hotel, they have quite a bit to shout about and want our help to do this. Of course, we are delighted to get to be a part of it.

In fact, we were so keen to get started, we decided a wee trip up to Loch Ness was needed. It’s a hard life!

Craig, Jennifer and Karen left the yellowness of the SHINE studio for the blue skies of the Highlands (didn’t stay blue for long though!)

Glen Co

It was quite a long journey, getting stuck behind a few campervans here and there. We also had to make way for trees being felled on the road, didn’t really want a tree through the roof of our hired car!
We arrived safely (with no trees through our car!) and settled into our rooms. The views were really quite stunning, looking out towards Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal.


Despite what you might think, we do actually do work when we go on our Highland adventures. This trip was all about getting a feel for the hotel, meeting the owners and getting some photography done – courtesy of Ralph Nisbet.

Ralph NisbetIMG_8830

Soon it was time for a well-earned rest and some food. Not just any food though, unbelievably good food! This is the Salmon and fish pie.

Salmon Pie

The next day, we woke up to have some breakfast. Karen was just a little bit enamoured with the Eggs Royale… Direct quote: “The best scrambled egg I’ve ever tasted!!”


Now, you might not have noticed, but we are quite keen on the old yellow. So of course, when we see a bright yellow book, we are going to have to share it with you! Fantastic colour choice by Edinburgh International Festival.


After getting some more snaps, the girls took a wander down to the Locks and got to see the bridge move to let a barge into the first lock.


Then… the snow started! We took this as our cue to head ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ i.e. back to Glasgow.



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