Sometimes we give clients something they didn’t even know they needed..

Whilst working on the Christmas campaign, Martyn developed the iconic iron peacock into a feature for Princes Square.

Working with Princes Square since 2013, we know how important Christmas time is for them as a business. The Christmas campaign is always a huge project in itself with the planning and thought process starting as early as July last year!

Martyn sketched out some ideas, getting inspiration from the signature peacock figure that proudly features on top of the iconic Buchanan Street building.

The sketched evolved into an elegant, stylish but traditional symbol of the peacock and this was set to feature as part of the Christmas 2016 campaign.

From campaign posters, to internal wall signs and promotional materials, the brand went on everything.

After the campaign, the client loved the symbol so much that it sparked interest for an overall brand update as it really captured the elegance, style and lifestyle that represents Princes Square and their customers. It was incorporated into all existing material such as social graphics, internal walls and signs and some branded products were created too.

It became the official Princes Square brand!

Since then, the brand has been featured across different seasonal campaigns such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day so far. You can have a look at our Princes Square Portfolio page to see more of the project and some of the campaigns!


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