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I always get a nice feeling when we got a positive comment about our website or when we get a new client after they visit our site. Many people have commented on the ‘bookshelf’ style that we had and how they liked it.

The books first appeared in 2009 and given we are now toddling through 2014, we thought it was time for a change. Many things have changed over 5 years and I was starting to throw a bit of a strop when our clients have better websites than we do.

Its been a case of ‘cobblers children’, we have known for a while our website needed both technically and creatively updated. So, it needed rectified. The first thing we did was stick the kettle on. Then, we thought this needs to be taken seriously… we opened some biscuits. We set a deadline and after a HUGE argument the books were gone and we had our new style set.

The SHINE type remains unchanged since it was created in 2004, we still like it. The eagle eyed among you will notice the full-stop has gone. We now have a beautiful new ‘circle brand’.
It has structure and definition and it has a reason.

We wanted to create a brand that represented the full service that we now deliver for clients as well as the ongoing cycle of keeping our clients looking fresh and ahead of the competition. We wanted a brand that can change and adapt and have a bit of a life an character of its own. Over the weeks and months ahead you will start to see the various iterations of the circle that we will be using. We wanted something that was more modern and to be honest we would like to get to the point where we are recognised for yellow and the circle alone. Maybe one day.

For our website we wanted to showcase our work better, get our personality across and also the ‘devil in the detail’ approach to our clients and their projects. We have so much more work we want to add to the site so it has been designed to grow easily without becoming a labyrinth of a site. Whether its a phone or a tablet, iPad or large screen the site will flex and adapt and present the information in the best way possible. Much like its owners.

If you have a thought / comment / suggestion or opinion on our new site, I would be delighted to hear about it.

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Posted by SHINE / 21.08.2014

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