Every year we have been tasked with designing Cancer Support Scotland’s Annual Review. We love the challenge of creating a unique and exciting design to make each year that bit more special.

We have always worked closely with Cancer Support Scotland, not just from a charitable point of view, but also because they are one of our long-standing clients. So when they asked us to design this year’s Annual Review, we were more than happy to get stuck in.
We have actually been designing their Annual Review for a number of years now (they must trust us to do a good job!!) and we love the challenge of trying to make the design unique for each year. Of course, it has to be in keeping with the brand image and style, but it is great fun trying to be creative and figure out how to make it look different and interesting.
So for 2015, we decided to up our game and create a well thought-out report. In fact, here is something rather snazzy you might not have noticed. The ‘2015’ header is styled on the branding and incorporates the actual logo in the design. Isn’t it beautiful?!
CSS-10 copy
We actually had very little time to do this. In fact, the whole design was basically completed in one day in order to meet the tight deadlines. Not bad!
This project was actually rather well timed with the appointing of Craig as the Chairman for the charity. He first became involved as a Trustee and then became the Vice Chairman, before making the leap to Chairman. Congratulations Craig!
As we have strong ties with Cancer Support Scotland, we have also been taking on graphic design interns. We like to help up-and-coming graphic designers get their foot in the door in the creative industry. This 3-month internship is based part-time at SHINE and part-time at Cancer Support Scotland. Our last intern Michael, ended up working with us for a further 6 months. So if you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, you can click here to apply.

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