To stock or not to stock…


“We don’t have the budget… It’s an additional cost that’s not needed… I’ve found this stock image I like…” Chances are someone else did too! This is the general response any time the idea of arranging a bespoke photo shoot with a client is mentioned. It doesn’t need to be cost prohibitive. You are looking…

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You've got (design) mail


It’s my feeling that we all intrinsically miss physical mail, we miss the personal touch. The time taken to pen a note or a simple thanks for your business. Our inboxes have become the new receptacle for junk mail, getting snail mail holds a certain romanticism

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Martyn's Adventure To The Sunny Land Down Under


Well, its been five years since I joined SHINE and its been five years of working with a great team and great friends, but sadly my time at SHINE is coming to an end. Don’t worry I’m not leaving for another studio around the corner or anything… I’ll be going slightly further. 10,168 miles to be exact! My family and I are emigrating to Brisbane, Australia.

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Web Developer Position


We promise it won’t be boring! You will have to put up with stories of Craig’s guitars, Peter’s island, Martyn’s running challenges, Ryan’s gig photography, Hannah’s Disney moonlighting, Karen’s nail painting, Bryan’s energy drinking and Laura’s baking! If you have any time left over we have a host of exciting digital work to get you…

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Princes Square Branding Project


Sometimes we give clients something they didn’t even know they needed.. Whilst working on the Christmas campaign, Martyn developed the iconic iron peacock into a feature for Princes Square.

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Website Launch – Angus Soft Fruits


Angus Soft Fruits are the ‘berry specialists’ – They are a leading supplier of berries to UK and European retailers, and they were looking for a brand freshening and a new website – that was launched this week.

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What is in a brand?


Does your ‘brand’ go deeper than merely a visual mark that distinguishes your company from your rivals? Does it evoke an emotional response, is there hidden meaning in the colour choices or simply hidden meaning.

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Setting Up SHINE


“I knew what I was good at and I knew what I enjoyed doing and I just wanted to do my own thing as I decided the role of ‘employee’ wasn’t for me.”

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WordPress 4.8 & How It Effects You


As Bob Dylan says the times they are a-changin’
WordPress has dropped support for IE10, IE9 and IE8 and has set the 8th of June (yes that soon!) learn more about how this will effect you!

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Hannah's Trip to The Torridon


The first real glimpse of summer for 2017 and we couldn’t have picked a better weekend for a trip to The Highlands. We set out on our drive to The Torridon with sunglasses in hand, and a lengthy Spotify playlist at the ready.

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