New Client: Age Exchange


Word of mouth is still the strongest and most regular way that we add new clients. We were lucky enough to be recommended to Rebecca at Age Exchange in London and after an initial chat, on a rather sunny day in the garden of their cafe.

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New Project: ds2


We have worked with Dunblane based DS2 since 2010 and have produced several marketing packs for their office furniture ranges.

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Charity of the Month: MNDA


With the flood (pun-intended) of activity around Ice Bucket Challenges we have chosen once again to support a Motor Neuron Disease Charity.

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A Blog About Charity


Those of you that know me well will know that there is a charity slant to most of the things that I do. I have done zip slides, over 20 half-marathons as well as 2 full marathons…….to the point that my friends were getting incredibly fed up with my constant requests for donations!!

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A Blog About Branding


I always get a nice feeling when we got a positive comment about our website or when we get a new client after they visiting our site. Many people have commented on the ‘bookshelf’ style that we had and how they liked it.

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New Project: Soapworks 25th Anniversary Newsletter


When SHINE first started nearly 15 years ago, one of our very first clients was Soapworks, a Glasgow based manufacturing company, and we’re happy to report that we can still call them a client.
Over the years we’ve worked together on numerous projects, more recently we completed their 25th Anniversary newsletter, a 12-page A5 booklet showcasing the team and products that has lead to their success over the years.

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