Brand identity, positioning and direction for luxury Scottish shotgun and rifle makers Buchan Guns. Inspired by the Scottish and British best gunmaking traditions, the Buchan Guns team is formed of some of the most respected and skilled craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the fine art of gunmaking.

Awarded Gold in the Scottish Design Awards ‘Design Craft’ category 2023.

The Challenge

Buchan Guns needed a brand that represented the exceptional level of quality, detail and craftsmanship that can be found in one of their bespoke pieces. As a relatively new gunmaker within the industry, the brand would play a key role in positioning Buchan Guns alongside Scottish gunmaking legends such as John Dickson & Sons and David McKay Brown.

The Solution

We worked with artist Ella Ginn to create a monogram and crest based on Buchan Guns’ unique and distinguishable house scroll. The scroll is inspired by spectacular Scottish landscapes and engraved by the world’s finest master engravers.

A classic yet contemporary serif with sharp details was selected to mirror the precise detail of the eye catching engravings. The Buchan colour palette takes direct inspiration from the specialist materials. Paper stocks were chosen to reflect the English checkering pattern found on the finished wooden stocks.

Illustration by Ella Ginn

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